Our  Kitty Cat’s™ Are The Main Event At Your Fight Night!

Our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are sure to be the Main Event at your Fight Night! Did the fight end in 30 Seconds? There aren’t many options once you are left licking your wounds after such a tremendous letdown. Luckily with a simple call to your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency you can have sensational Fully Nude Exotic Dancers at your door in a flash! You can easily make your testosterone-fueled evenIng that much sexier! Our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are TKO (Total Knockouts!)

Win Or Lose Tonight We Celebrate!

Whether you win or lose you can take solace in the fact every party you plan with Kitty Cat Now is the ultimate celebration! We pride ourselves on being Kitty Cat NOW! Not Kitty Cat later or Kitty Cat next week maybe Kitty Cat Meow if you’re lucky! We love a good Fight Night but after all that violence a reprieve is needed. Booking Exotic Dancers for your Fight Night is the ultimate remedy! All those luscious lips

Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Don’t allow another Vegas Fight Night to pass you by! Incorporating Sexy Strippers and Nude Waitresses into your party is an intoxicating route to spice up your mundane party. After all the uppercuts and jabs relish in the delight of intimate Lap Dances and an exhilarating 2 Girl Lesbian Show! Give us a call or book online to ensure your Fight Night will live on in infamy!

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